An Ancestry beverage so-called the Devil`s Elixir when was brought to the old continent. It was consumed and enjoyed solely by the infidels, and unexpectedly it would reach the hands of the polemic Pope Clemente VIII, who was astonished by the exquisite aroma and decided to try it to ratify it as the beverage of satan…

When he tasted its dark appearance he said…

“This devil`s  beverage is so delicious that we should cheat the devil by baptizing it”

Clemente VII 

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water.

Colombian Coffee

Coffee in Colombia has around 300 years of history since the Jesuits brought it in the 18th century. In 1835 the first sacks produced in the eastern zone were exported from the Cúcuta customs office.

In 1984, the distinctive seal of Café de Colombia was created, which identifies it in all corners of the world.

Why Clemente 8Th

Living more does not mean doing it forever, it means feeling each moment, making each moment a unique experience.

Colombia offers a rich and wide diversity of flavors due to multiple geographical, climatic, and process factors that come into play throughout the entire coffee production chain, from cultivation to cup.

Colombian Coffee is one of the best Coffee in the world.

Cafe Colombiano Tostado

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